Teen Who Lost Everything In House Fire Spends His Last $40 On THIS.

How much thought would you give to someone else when your own world is crumbling around you? One teenager found out pretty quickly, and here’s a story that shows some true concern for others even when everything you have literally is going up in smoke.

When you’re house is burning down, all you can really think of is everything you’re losing. But one teenager in Alabama wasn’t all wrapped up in what he and his family were losing. He was concerned with something else.

15-year-old Kenneth Bennett was just returning home from a friend’s house when he found his home engulfed in flames and firefighters were doing their best to put it out. And while his mind was racing about the tremendous loss, he happened to look down and see the cooler for the firefighters. It was almost empty. So Kenneth, at around 1 a.m., walked quickly over to a nearby convenience store and bought $40 worth of water and brought it back to the firefighters.

Says Kenneth: “I just saw the firefighters were down to their last couple of bottled waters and figured it was the least I could do for them putting out our house fire for us.”

But that $40 was all the money Kenneth had. He had been saving it up to take his girlfriend out on a nice date. When his proud mom, Casie, posted about her son’s good deed, several people chipped in and raised enough money for Kenneth to get some new clothes and a limo ride for him and his girlfriend to Felix’s Fish Camp, where their meal was free.

The story on video:

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