Sisters Asked Their Mother To Send A Cardinal Once She’s In Heaven. Watch The Miracle.

On January 9th of this year, 97-year-old Dorothy passed away. But for quite some time before she died, her daughters, knowing that the end of her life had to be coming soon, urged her to give them both a sign once she reached heaven.

For the daughters, Deborah Booth Patteson and Jeanne Booth Wright, it would be a comforting thing for them to know that their mother was in that extraordinary place. So, specifically, they asked their mother to give them a sign with a cardinal involved. A sign involving this bird would give them a lot of peace.

A week went by after their mother’s passing, and there was no sign. But a few days later… 10 days after the death of Deborah and Jeanne’s mom… their unusual prayer was answered. Or was it?

They heard something at the kitchen window, and when they went to investigate, they spotted a cardinal outside the window. And there it was… the sign. But that could have just been a coincidence. So the women got the cardinal inside the house and spent 10 minutes with it. They held it, and it let them pet it without putting up any fuss at all. And they were almost convinced that THIS was that sign they were looking for from their mother. But still, they just could not be sure… STILL possibly a coincidence.

But what would happen NEXT certainly sealed the deal for them, and they would know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that their departed mother had done as they asked of her.

When the sisters walked outside to release the bird, they opened a hand to let it fly away… but it stayed on that hand. When one sister transferred it to the hand of the other sister, again, the cardinal did not seem to want to fly away. When that sister pushed her hand up, urging it to fly, it flew right onto her shoulder… and stayed there a while, as the sisters laughed… and cried… in amazement.

After sitting on the sister’s shoulder for well over a minute, the cardinal finally flew away into the beautiful skies.

So, who says miracles aren’t real?

So, who says miracles aren’t real?

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