Moment When Fast Food Worker Helps Feed This Man Was Caught On Camera. It’s Beautiful And Absolutely Heartwarming!

This is the heartwarming moment a fast food worker was spotted helping a disabled man eat his dinner in a shopping centre food court.

The employee was filmed spoon-feeding the man, who has an arm and leg disability, in the Salvador Norte shopping mall in Brazil.

Laurinha Victoria, who caught the ‘beautiful’ exchange on camera, says it brought tears to her eyes.

The video has had more than 600,000 likes since she posted it on Saturday.

Writing alongside the video, she said: ‘Today I was overwhelmed by emotion with tears in my eyes, when I saw this scene at the North Mall food square.

‘The young man with a disability in his leg and arms had already asked me to pick up his food when it was ready.

‘When I got up, the employee was already taking it to the table. The employee of the restaurant Giraffas was putting food in the customer’s mouth.’

She added: ‘This is real charity, what a beautiful thing. I went to him and said, “what a beautiful gesture, God bless you.”‘

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