Small Acts Of Kindness, Such As This, Will Not Change The World, But It Changes Her World. I Didn’t Get Your Name Sir, But You Are Awesome!”

This photo is gooing viral these week.

All respec for this awesome man.

“I witnessed this sanitation employee return a trash can to the side door of an elderly lady’s home this morning. After speaking with her, I learned her mobility is limited and this man does this for her every week. It may seem so insignificant to you or me, but to her it’s greatly appreciated! Small acts of kindness, such as this, will not change the world, but it changes her world. I didn’t get your name sir, but you are awesome!”
Credits: Teresa Headley

Some comment of people here :

Bless your heart, sir…thank you for your kindness to a senior citizen…we seniors are so often ignored and we appreciate any help we receive…you are a wonderful gentleman.

Bless your heart sir you’re a special person God bless you you’re a good man with a big heart thank you very much for helping the elderly lady you’re very much appreciated God always be with you and protect you stay safe

Many sanitation workers are like this and. They do more then they need to and its greatly appreciated.

Yes! Thank you for your service. AND this just goes to show, there are still kind, caring people around us. It is a reminder for us to look for the helpers. This young man should have been on the news tonight instead of a bunch of negative nonsense

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