6-year-old ‘petitions government’ for 3 days off school each week

A 6-year-old boy named Brodie has started a protest for an idea a lot of people can probably get behind: a three-day weekend.

In a video shared by his mom on Instagram, Brodie says that he has been “dreaming” of a three-day break from school.

“Hey, I’m Brodie and this is for the government and I’m protesting,” he says in the video. “I want three days off of school because, um, I’ve been tired of school lately and I’ve been dreaming for three days off. Two days is not enough from school. I need three days off.”

Brodie also shared his very valid reasons for needing more time off from school.

“I need time to just play and go with Nay Nay and stay home and do whatever I want outside,” he said, referring to his grandmother.

Brodie’s mom Jessica Kenyon wrote on Instagram that she “fully supports” the video. She also wrote that Brodie has asked her if she sent the video and if his three-day weekend request had been granted.

While the 6-year-old may not have heard back from “the government” yet, his petition has already earned support online.

“The hero we all need. Get him to Washington!” one commenter wrote on Kenyon’s Instagram video.

“Brodie is a very smart little man with a very feasible idea and great reasoning to back said protest. His parents should also only work a 4 day week and have a 3 day weekend to spend time with and raise this precious child,” wrote another commenter.

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