91-Year-Old Dances The Jitterbug To ‘Jailhouse Rock’ Like? To Our Beauty

This 91-year-old woman is making headlines after dancing the jitterbug to ‘Jailhouse Rock.’ Julia Lewis is a resident at Magnolia Springs Southpointe, an assisted living facility in Indiana.

Recently, Julia spent some time in the hospital and had to undergo physical therapy. After the last therapy she felt better. In fact, she felt amazing. Then she decided to show off her mobility by busting out her classic moves.

That’s when the folks at Golden Age Home Health Care pulled out their cameras and began capturing the incredible moment. Golden Age described the impromptu dance session on its Facebook page.

Mrs. Julia is a long-time resident who recently returned from the hospital and is completing her Golden Age therapy services. She left the walker to get her dancing shoes and said this morning, “I felt so good, I want to dance!” And she sure knows how to move! At the age of 91, Julia still has all the energy and moves with an incredible nerve. In fact, the video has already garnered hundreds of thousands of views and counting.

But when Good Morning America asked her about the secret to keeping her young mind and body, Julia had some amazing words to say. “Music is what makes the world move.” You can be depressed, you can be sick, but you can always play music and forget about it. What a perfect reminder that age is nothing but a number.

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